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PCG - Communal Cleaning

Office cleaning generally requires a set routine that rarely deviates, communal cleaning however is quite the opposite. Unlike in offices where staff tend to take ownership of their workspace, in our experience some tenants and visitors are often inclined to treat communal areas with far less respect and with little regard to their fellow tenants. This means that the cleaner has no idea what they are walking into when they arrive to start their shift, particularly in key areas such as receptions, kitchens and toilets. A completely different kind of cleaner is needed, someone with the ability to quickly assess and prioritise what needs doing within the allocated time.

PCG recognise that communal cleaning requires particularly flexible and adaptable cleaning operatives. All our staff are given training that has been tailored specifically to deal with communal areas. They must also complete a fully comprehensive induction programme. This includes Health & Safety training, product usage and the most up to date cleaning techniques. This training is recorded and updated on a regular basis. All PCG staff are fully referenced and where required by the client, are subject to DBS clearance.

Our staff only use products and equipment supplied and approved by PCG. This is to ensure that we comply with EU Regulations and we only use products that have a low environmental impact rating in compliance with WEIR (Wright Environment Impact Rating).

Our cleaning operatives are also encouraged to identify and report non-cleaning issues such as defective lighting, electrics, heating, plumbing, leaks, security etc. This information is then fed back to the Landlord, Property Management Company or FM contractor enabling them to deal with issues quickly and effectively, improving the overall experience for their tenants. We have a portfolio in excess of forty business centres and this is one of the fastest growth areas for PCG.

If you would like to know more about PCG and our services, please use the following online form and we will happily call you back.

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